The Rules

Here are the do’s and don’ts of the site, short and sweet. Failure to follow the rules will get your posts deleted, and repeat offending will get you banned from the site.

The Rules were last updated June 8, 2012

  1. Anybody can post a podcast promo – you don’t have to be associated with the podcast – but a podcast owner or host can make changes or delete your post.
    • If you are not associated with a podcast and the entry you make for it is negative or disparaging, you will be banned from the site. No strikes, zero tolerance, gone.
  2. Each podcast promo can only be listed once. If you have a new promo for your podcast, create a new post for it — but absolutely no repeat posting just to bounce your promo back to the top of the listings.
  3. Each podcast promo can be listed in up to three categories. I know that some shows may span many more categories, but to keep things clean, pick the three that best define your show.
  4. Normal users are not authorized to post News items – only podcast promos. Any news items you post will be taken down and repeat offense will result in banning.
  5. The site admins are the finalĀ arbitersĀ of the rules, deleting posts, and banning. You can use the feedback form on the Contact page to appeal, but there is no guarantee that we’ll see it your way. Sorry.