Submission Instructions

Note: submissions are currently closed. Please see the front page for details.


Here’s how you can add your own podcast promo to the site:

  1. You have to register for an account. This involves verifying your email address. I know it’s a pain in the butt, but the hope is that this will cut down on spamming.
    • Your email address will not be used or sold, it is strictly for verification. If there is some sort of urgent issue (security breach, etc.), the admins will email you, but that’s it.
  2. Log in with your new name and password
  3. New Post ButtonOn the dashboard, click the “+ New” button at the top of the screen, or hover over the “Posts” tab on the left and click “Add New”
  4. All Promos CategoryWhen the new post page opens, click the “All Promos” category at the right of the screen, then select up to three podcast categories. Selecting “All Podcasts” makes a nifty form magically appear to add in the podcast and promo details
  5. Fill in the podcast’s name as the TITLE of the post
  6. Fill in all of the field on the podcast promo form
  7. Add Media FileScroll down and podPress section and click “Add Media File”
  8. Paste the direct URL (including http://) to the promo in the “Location” field
    1. You can leave the other fields blank/defaults
  9. Scroll back to the top and click “Preview” to see what the post will look like
  10. Once you are satisfied with the post, click the “Post” button

The new promo will automatically be added to the podcast feeds and pages for the appropriate categories. You can now log out of the site (especially if you are on a shared computer) or leave come back later to check to see if people have commented, or you want to post another promo.

Having Problems?

  • If you’re not sure what the URL of the promo is, you can usually grab it from its post on your site. Just right click on the promo link then select “Copy Link Address”, or “Copy Site Link”, (or similar). Then simply paste that into the form on this page.
  • Similarly, you can save the feed link the same way.
  • Can’t remember the length? If you’re site uses a streaming player, the length is usually displayed either right up front, or once it starts playing.
  • Not sure about all of those iTunes settings and drop downs in the PodPress ┬ásection? Don’t worry about it – these are the settings for this site’s feed, not your podcast feed. It’s actually better if you just leave them as they are.
  • What are tags? They’re kind of like categories. Only, instead of being locked in to what we’ve chosen, you create your own. If other people have picked similar tags, your promos will automatically get grouped together when people do a search on that tag. Be sure to select categories, though (up to three, in addition to “All Podcasts” so that our promo will get listed in the correct RSS and news feeds.