We’re not lawyers, so no complicated double speak here.

The podcast owners retain all rights to their shows and promos. Since promos are expected to receive the widest distribution possible, it is expected that you do not object to them being included in any podcast (even podcasts that you might object to). This is completely out of our control. They could have got the promo from your site, or this site. Talk to them if you have beef.

The important part is that we will not edit or change your promo in any way.


None of your personal information on this site will be sold or shared with any other entity. The only exception to this rule is if we receive a request from law enforcement. We will comply with all search warrants and court orders. If we are allowed to by law, we will notify your registered email address that we shared some piece of your information.

We’ll do everything we can to keep your information private! This includes site security as well as challenging law enforcement to make sure they have a proper warrant.


No Warranty / Guarantees / Liability
We are not guaranteeing that this site will stay up forever. We are not guaranteeing that you will be able to retrieve your information at any future date. We are not guaranteeing that somebody will not do something with your content that you don’t like. This is a simple, free, service to the podcasting community. We are simply storing links, text, and images that you add to the site.


If the site gets too expensive to maintain we might place ads on the top, or sidebar. This will likely be Google Adsense and if we do so we will opt for “PG” rated ads. No porno or other offensive stuff.

We will never place any kind of ads in your promo or other content.


The site admins reserve the right to make changes to these notices as need arises. Generally that will only happen if we get sued, or if somebody offers us a pile of money for the content. Hopefully the former will never happen. If the latter happens, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that our rules and policies remain intact, but at that point we won’t own the site anymore, so it’s anybody’s guess what the new owners will do.