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July 2, 2012

Yep, mark the date – we have a steady stream of spam getting caught up in the filters! I take this as a good sign that the Google juice is flowing. Thanks for the shares and links to the site. If you haven’t had a chance, adding a note about the site on your blog and in your social streams will help bump us up the search engine charts so that more listeners and podcasters can find us.

Other than spam, we’ve got over twenty great promos covering a dozen categories of interest so far. This is a great start!

Things are a little chaotic here as we negotiate the labrynth of gatherings and commitements during the US 4th of July Holiday, but soon there will be some announcements on people joining in to run things as well as our first PPI promo to help get the word out about the site.

If you’d like to help out with the site, please use this nifty Contact Form to let us know.

And keep posting those promos!


June 13, 2012

A day… four days… who’s counting? The site is now declared “live” and promos are starting to roll in – so we appreciate any posts, links from blogs, and shares on social sites!

Lots of changes to the site. Some template tweaks to stop the streaming player buttons from getting covered up. All of the pages and category feeds are up now. We’ve added a placeholder for an actual podcast where we’ll interview creators and service providers, as well as a form to request to be interviewed.

On the sidebar we’ve added links to some of our favorite podcasting destinations and  added a link to see a random promo (thanks to Kreg Steppe for the idea).

Apparently we’re still talking in the third person, but volunteers are starting to step up, so that will change soon as well.