This site was inspired by a rogue tweet from Starla Huchton. There was a discussion created on Facebook by Hugh O’Donnell where several podcasters started throwing ideas around.

The discussion quickly delved into the content of such an endeavor, and why people would listen to such a “podcast”. Chooch Schubert saw this less as a show, but a utilitarian resource for podcasters to find new promos to play on their own shows. He thought about implementation and figured a Wiki would be the fastest way to bring the site to life.

After a few hours it became apparent that there are no easy ways to integrate podcast feeds into a Wiki, so that scrapped for now, and he fell back to WordPress which he is more intimate with.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Right now, we’re just getting everything set up and working properly. Future directions may include an actual podcast of it’s own with creator interviews, podcast highlight pages, the various Category Feeds alluded to on the Welcome page, or maybe even some sort of annual awards for the best promos!

Please suggest new ideas for the site whether they be changes to make things work better, or new avenues that you think we should explore!

Who are “we”?

Ok, right now “we” are Chooch and my dog Kaylee who needs to pee and keeps nudging my arm to get my attention. I’m open to help, though! Let me know if you would like to contribute to the site, and in what form that contribution can take. Right now, I’m open to just about anything.

I can be reached on the following social media sites, or you can fill out the nifty form on the Contact Page.