Note: This project gained some traction early on, but fizzled out as I didn’t have the time to nurture it. I’m leaving everything up for posterity sake (and in case people are linking to any of the promos). I have disabled registration since the site attracts nothing but spammers right now.

I still think this is a big glaring hole in the indie podcasting community. If you would like to take on resurrection, hit me up on the contact page or the socials (username choochus on most of them) and we’ll talk about it! If you’re curious on how it all started, hit the About page.

Thank you to everybody who signed up, added promos, and helped spread the word about all of the great indie podcasting content out there!



The Podcast Promo Institute is a clearing house for independent podcast promos. It is intended as a repository where fellow podcasters can find, download, and distribute interesting promos to enhance their own podcasts.

Of course, all podcasters are encouraged to upload their own promos. These posts will allow people to download your promo as well as build out a podcasting directory for listeners to find your show.

You can get started by browsing the categories to see podcasts that are already listed. Note: there are many more categories, only categories that already contain podcasts show up in the sidebar list.

If you have ideas for the site, or would like to help out in any way you can use the feedback form on the About page.

These pages detail how to use the other offerings of the site:

  • The Rules – The do’s and don’ts of the site. Breaking the rules will get your posts deleted, and repeat offending will get you banned from the site
  • Submission Instructions – tells you how you can add your own podcast to the site
  • Notices – discusses copyright and privacy issues
  • Podcast Feeds – a list of feeds that you can add to your podcatcher to receive the actual promos as they are added to the site
  • RSS Feeds – these are almost the same as the podcast feeds, however rather than putting them in a podcatcher, you put them in a news reader to see when new content has been added to any of the categories you find most interesting